Slum Punks is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that were inspired from the original punks in order to protest.
Not only whales can dominate the market but also Slums can.

Together We Will Break The Silence!

Together we will bring the Slum Powers and prove that we are controlling the market.

Community Develop 

Slum Punks - owned by the  community, therefore after lunch, you will be a able to vote the next steps.
A strong community build by the community, lets bring the Slum Power!

Launching the collection

Launching of the 10K Slum Punks 
Mint will be at 24.02.22, 12:00 CET

Build strong community

Strong community is the most important thing.
1. A week after launch, 10% of all revenues we will be donated to charity organizations in the field of domestic violence.
2. Every Sunday a strategy meeting will be held to decide and vote about the next community steps.

Female slum punks

Air drop of Female Slum Punks - Dates will be announced.


Strong community with a lot of benefits join our discord to be apart!


Spared the world of punks and contribute to society.
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